3 Types Of Businesses For Sale

Choose from our list of researched niches and business ready to launch to market, we have 3 main types of businesses:
1. Ecommerce Website
2. Mobile Applications
3. New Product Brand

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1. Ecommerce Stores

You select your niche, we provide you with vetted products & suppliers, You receive a conversion ready store with all the required ongoing coaching in business and marketing to run a successful store.

2. Mobile Applications

Choose from our list of mobile apps ready to launch to market, complete with designs, branding, your own development team. also receive a pitch deck and list of potential investors.

3. New Product Brands

Create your own brand of product, this provides much higher profit margins and allows you to own and control more of the supply chain, comes complete with branding, manufactures, product samples, website, training and coaching.

New Businesses For Sale

Every store can be customised and modified to suit, from logo design, domain names and products, we populate each store with demo products as we have multiple suppliers for each niche, you get to choose your preferred supplier.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Have us create a niche store specific to your passion, we’ll first do market research into your niche and help you make the right decisions on exactly what kind of store you’ll need.

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